You’re here because you want a real cocktail.  You want something worthwhile.  You want to enjoy what you’re drinking and have it improve your experiences in life.  The way only a great cocktail can improve an already beautiful evening on the back deck or a great meal with a sexy date.

No matter when or where you have a great cocktail, it gives you a taste of the good life.  Something that shows, in it’s own smooth and suave way, that you are quietly, but undeniably, sophisticated.  Something that says you know exactly what the hell you’re doing in life.

So improve your drink – and improve your life.

And because a beautifully made cocktail looks even better in a beautiful glass, here’s a link to help you improve your glassware too!  GREAT COCKTAIL GLASSWARE


The Library

New cocktails in the distillery every first friday from 5pm - 10pm