El Draque

Named after the immortal pirate/privateer Sir Francis Drake, most famous for his Carribbean exploits of the 16th Century.  Legend has it he concocted this drink to rally his ailing men so they could sail their British ships away and escape with their 'commandeered' Spanish treasure.  This cocktail is the father to the mojito and often referred to as the world's first cocktail.  


2 oz Expedition Rum
1 Lime
6 Mint leaves
2 tsp sugar (prefer demerara sugar)
Chuchuhuasi tree bark (still haven't found this anywhere - so I leave it out)


Slice up lime into cubes and muddle it together with mint and sugar in a rocks glass.  Add rum. Since Drake had no ice, I usually don't add any keeping it sweet and potent, but you could add some here if desired.  Enjoy while sitting atop your plundered loot!