Iced Wegz

Iced Wegz Cocktail.JPG

This delicious cocktail is one of our first for Big Jake’s Breakfast Brew and it was concocted by the inimitable Cori Paige.  If you care about craft products, you should know who she is. Besides being a great podcast host, entrepreneur, tireless craft beverage promoter, and good friend, she’s the driving force behind the great beverage magazine: Craft by Under My Host.  Cori never seems to sleep.  So I was super excited when she started playing around with Breakfast Brew, I knew she’d come up with something delicious…  And as usual, I was right.  Thus, I’m proud to share with you the: Iced Wegz*.

(*”Wegz” is her nickname for me and after you make yourself one of these drinks, you should sit back and enjoy the great podcasts that are Under My Host.  I recommend these three in particular: