The Chouteau King

The Chouteau King was created by Brian, bartender at The Whiskey Ring, and it’s a delicious boozy drink.  Named after famous St. Louisan, Auguste Chouteau.  Who, among other things, was instrumental to the outfitting of the Lewis & Clark Expedition and has a street named after him (it’s actually the street on the north side of the distillery).


2 oz RallyPoint Rye Whiskey
3/4 oz Benedictine
2 dashes Angostura Bitters


Combine ingredients in a rocks glass.  Stir.  Add ice.  Savor!

Consequently, a great book to read along while enjoying this cocktail is Undaunted Courage, the story of Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of the American West.  Highly recommended by yours truly.