1st Annual 630 Day - 2013

THANK YOU to all of you whiskey fans who came out to celebrate our 1st Annual 630 Day.  Thanks to all of you, almost 200 thirsty fans, it was a great success!  Because we believe in living responsibly, we're proud that you helped us raise our donation for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Here are some pictures from the day to relive the awesomeness:

Ben Bauer from The Libertine preparing his cocktail: Requiem for Jani Lane.  Get the recipe HERE.

Ben Bauer - Mad ScientistChristy Tiernan from Mike Shannon's shaking up her Summer Sippin' cocktail: Missouri Mint Julep!


Joel Clark from Mission Taco Joint, proudly touting Big Jake, the base for his Summer Sippin' cocktail: Big Jake O'Collins.


Frank Ruvoli shredding it on the guitar:


The bartenders killed it, pouring their awesome cocktails.  The food from Seoul Taco and Slice of the Hill was delicious.  And the smooth crooning of Frank Ruvoli put the finishing touches on a great evening.  But most of all it was the friends, old and new, that made the party such a success!  Go on our facebook page and tag yourself in pictures and let us know how much fun you had!


From all of us, to all of you, Thank You for making our 1st Annual 630 Day such a great success!!  Can't wait to go bigger and better next year!