Jan 1st, 2014 I always get excited about a New Year.  I choose to believe that the future is going to be better than the present, in a small amount because I work to make it so in my little corner of life, but despite all the evidence to the contrary, I believe that in the end the good in people will win out over the bad.  It would be a terrible existence to truly believe the opposite.

But a new year is a great time to pause and take stock.  What have you accomplished in the past year, what important milestones have you hit?  To look at how much you have to be thankful for.  To make plans for how you're going to achieve your goals, how you're going to evolve as a person, what new and interesting things you're going to learn in this new year.  I believe in setting goals and then attacking them.  Which is partly why I like the new year, it's a fresh opportunity to attack life.

I believe I'm a better person than I was 12 months ago.  Not by magic or simply surviving another year on this planet, but because I have consistently and relentlessly worked at improving myself.  Little aspects, little tweaks here and there, like snowflakes, eventually add up to something big.  And I'm nowhere near perfect - ask anyone who knows me well - but you can be damn sure that 2014 David Weglarz is a better version than the 2013 model.

2013 was a huge year for me personally.  There are many things that come to mind, but two tower above the rest.  After years of hard work, I finally realized the beginning of my dream when I opened my own business.  Even more important, my wife and I welcomed into this world our son.

I believe in personal accountability, so here are just a few of my goals for 2014:

2014 GOALS

-Be the best Father & Husband I can be -Introduce 2 new spirits -Double distillery output -Have 30+ barrels aging on Dec 31st, 2014 -Celebrate St. Louis' 250th Birthday -Barrel Age 12 cocktails -Throw a great 2nd Annual 630 Day Party! -Go to 12 new (to me) STL restaurants -Read 12 books -Cook 12 new dishes -Swim 24 miles, Run 120 miles, Bike 600 miles -Lose 15 pounds (start 253) -Obtain out of state distributor -Blog & Social Media Current -Launch Rum/Sorghum -Have an intern -Successful Mardi Gras -Win Spirit Medal -Celebrate Sidni's Bday -Celebrate Anniversary -Celebrate Mother's Day -Complete 2 Short Stories -Complete 4 Poems -Write children's book -Catch up w/Journal before March 1st -Frame Life Goals -Go Diving -Attend Kentucky Derby -Attend Monon Bell Game -Go Camping -Go Rafting/kayaking -Taxes done before March -Visit Chicago -Visit Indy -Leave the Country -Grow successful garden -Increase Flexibility -Make Stained Glass for (gift) -Finish Climbing Picture -Finish Guest Room (paint/hang pictures) -Complete An Athletic Event -No Procrastination, FWYS GOADI -Support a Charity -Volunteer -Go through all basement stuff & clean out clutter -Visit 5 old friends who live out of state

There they are. On The Record. Told you I like making a plan of attack. Now it's time to Go Out And Do It.

Make it your best year yet.

Cheers, David