2015 Recapped

Wow, time flies by when you're busting your ass.  I can't believe that it's Dec 31st, 2015.  What a great way to cap off a great year with our Halfway to 630 Day party last night that was a rousing success!  Thank you again to all who came out and made it so much fun.  And I can't say enough how grateful I am for all of your continued support and enthusiasm for my spirits.  I literally couldn't be doing this without it.  And 2015 was the year that I was able to fully devote myself to my dream job, so for that alone it was a memorable year! 12 months ago, I set out a list of goals for the year, I've copied it here because I believe in holding yourself accountable.  As you can see, there were many places I fell short.  That's great, I know I still have much improvement to make and new victories to strive towards.  And I like to bite off more than I can chew.

My #1 Goal: -Be the best Father & Husband I can be  (I'd like to say YES to this one!)

Distillery-Related: -Introduce 4 new spirits (YES) -Double distillery output (YES) -Have 60+ barrels aging on Dec 31st, 2015 (YES!) -Barrel Age 12 cocktails (NO) -Throw a great 3rd Annual 630 Day Party! (YES!) -Obtain out of state distributor (n/a) -Add Event Calendar to website (YES) -Blog & Social Media Current (YES) -Launch cocktail videos (NO) -Have an intern (YES) -Successful Mardi Gras (YES) -Win Spirit Medal (HELL YES!!!) -Sell First Private Single Barrel (YES!!) -Frame Posters (YES)

Personal: -Read 12 books (YES) -Cook 12 new (to me) dishes (NO, 7) -Make 24 new (to me) cocktails (YES, new favorite: Big Jake/Drambuie) -Go to 6 new (to me) STL restaurants (YES) -Run 100 miles (NO) -Bike 600 miles (or MR340) (NO) -Bike Katy Trail (NO) -Lose 10 pounds (start 248) (YES, 238lbs) -Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries (YES) -Complete 4 Short Stories (NO) -Complete 4 Poems (NO) -Finish children’s book (NO) -Catch up w/Journal before March 1st (NO) -Frame Life Goals (NO) -Go Diving Twice (NO) -Go Camping (NO) -Go Hiking (YES) -Go Rafting/kayaking (NO) -Taxes done before February (YES) -Visit Chicago (YES) -Visit Indy (YES) -Visit Louisville (YES) -Visit a new city (NO) -Leave the Country (NO) -Grow successful garden (kinda) -Increase Flexibility (YES) -Finish Stained Glass for (gift) (NO) -Finish Climbing Picture (NO) -Finish Guest Room (paint/hang pictures) (NO) -Complete An Athletic Event (NO) -No Procrastination, FWYS GOADI (NO) -Support a Charity (YES) -Volunteer (YES) -Fully Organize basement (YES)

Clearly, my focus was on my growing family and the distillery this year, that was my life.  I had little time for anything else, particularly my other hobbies.  That probably won't change in 2016, but that's fine, because in 2015 I got to work my dream job and I grew my company and made great spirits.  Best of all, I can proudly say that both my family and my company are in better shape than they were Jan 1st, 2015!  So cheers to a record setting year and for bettering it next year!!