Happy New Year!

Hard to believe 2017 is already over.

So much has happened and so much remains to be done.  But it's been a great year for the distillery.  We literally tripled in size - we now have three people working here: Andrew Spaugh heading our Sales & Distribution and Sidni Weglarz heading our HR/Bookkeeping and myself (David Weglarz) continuing to do everything else!

We were incredibly fortunate to win another 18 medals including the Best Bourbon in the Country from the American Distilling Institute!  For the second year in a row, we were named one of the 10 BEST Craft Whiskey Distilleries in the country by USA TODAY (and we came in as #12 on the 10 BEST Craft Rum Distilleries).  We hosted our biggest and best 630DAY party to date.  We got a brand new (hopefully operational soon) 500gallon pot still!  We released the first ever 5YR old whiskey from the state of Missouri!  All along with a myriad other smaller, yet important accomplishments that don't warrant individual mention here... And we launched our most ambitious project to date: our Experimental Spirits program!

It was a huge year for us and we're really proud of all we accomplished in 2017.  And it's been incredible to have other people working so hard and dedicated right along with me!  It's been especially fun to bring Sidni on board and make her more a part of the day to day action.

But all that is behind us.  Now I'm concerned with 2018 and kicking more ass than ever.  We're going to release 12 Experimental Spirits.  We're going to release an awesome Navy Strength Gin.  We're going to bring back our incredible 5YR RallyPoint.  We're going to put away significantly more barrels than we have in any previous year.  And we're going to throw the BEST 630DAY party yet!  So come along for the ride, it's going to be a great one this year!

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