Rejoice!  Our multi-Gold Medal winning RallyPoint Maple Sunset is coming back soon!  This is the fourth batch of one of our most-adored spirits.  It's rye whiskey with bourbon and maple syrup notes on the back end.  We use an actual barrel that originally held 4Roses bourbon, then The Wine & Cheese Place (great local liquor store) used that empty barrel to age their maple syrup.  After they bottled their bourbon-barrel-aged-maple syrup, they gave the barrel to us.  And we filled it with RallyPoint Rye Whiskey and let it sit for 10 months as it slowly picked up those beautiful flavors.  

Come out on the First Friday of October for our Experimental Spirits release: X-4 (Apple Brandy made from 100% fresh squeezed apple juice from a local orchard!) and as an added bonus you will enjoy the release of Batch IV of RallyPoint Maple Sunset at the same time!  For the 4th quarter, we are pairing our bigger releases (Maple Sunset, Bourbon, Double Barrel) with the experimental releases to give you a special holiday treat.  So come join us on the First Friday of October, November, and December for a double helping of some of the best craft spirits in the country!

See you this Friday, October 6th, 2017 at 6:30pm!