50th Anniversary of the Arch Completion

Today is a special day for StilL 630, as it is the 50th Anniversary of the completion of our beloved Gateway Arch!Chocolate-Slider-Main-Slide-2_v7 To us, it is a great symbol of hope and potential, the audacity of the settlers.  It beckons to the dreamer inside all of us who imagines carving out a life amidst this crazy world.  And while the Western frontier is more corporate sprawl than bison range these days, it's still a great big world in which to stake out your place.

The Arch was built to commemorate those brave men and women who set out to create their American Dream.  And that's exactly how I view this distillery.  StilL 630 is MY American Dream.  And I can't think of a more fitting place to make our spirits than in the shadow of this beautiful monument.

And so I raise a glass to the Arch, and hope that it will inspire countless more people to chase their dreams, as it has inspired me.  Cheers!