630 Day Follow-Up

630_2015_Poster_BlackFirst, I want to give a huge Thank You to every single person who came out and made 630 Day 2015 our best yet!!  The food from Sugarfire Smokehouse was incredible, and I'll personally be very disappointed if I can't get more of that sensational RallyPoint BBQ sauce very soon! Gran Cru cigars offered premium, hand-rolled cigars rolled with leaves that had absorbed the flavor and aroma of our Soulard Island Rum or RallyPoint Rye Whiskey respectively.

Clementine's Creamery delighted everyone with their tasty ice cream treats, the particular favorite being their "Old-Fashioned" flavor, which is their 'Naughty' ice cream made with RallyPoint!

The beers from Alpha Brewery were a big hit, especially the Imperial Smoked Black Ale (which is a testament to how great that beer is when a big, heavy dark beer was drained in the middle of a hot summer night!).

The release of our second batch of RallyPoint Maple Sunset and first ever batch of Big Jake's Breakfast Brew went better than we'd hoped!  And people we're loving our Goat's Milk cocktail... the perfect after dinner drink!  Also, if you didn't get a chance to snag one of our extremely limited edition (we made 25), hand-BRANDED posters, get 'em HERE while they last!

I've got to crash, it's been a month-long sprint to our anniversary party and I feel like I need to go hibernate for a week or two...  Cheers to a great 3rd Anniversary Party and here's to next year!  The countdown to 630 Day 2016 begins now...