Art of Food

Last night was Slow Food Stl's event: Art of Food at The Luminary on Cherokee St.  It was a great event featuring small bites from the best chefs around paired with delicious beverages made by local producers.  The Corn Bread Soup cocktail was especially phenomenal, especially when paired with the duck pate from Juniper's owner/head chef, John Perkins.  Another favorite was the cheese dumplings from the Scottish Arms. IMG_2727Too many delicious things to list them all, but I want to highlight the dish that StilL 630 was paired with.  Jenny Cleveland, master chef and part of the duo behind the highly regarded Edwardsville, IL restaurant Cleveland-Heath, created a broach bean dish, think mexican stewed beans with braised pork belly and a whiskey float on top!  And that was paired with our RallyPoint, but not just regular RallyPoint.  This batch received an intimate fat-washing courtesy of Tom Halaska of ArtBar and it was wild.  I've never done anything like that before, though I've heard brief mentions of it before.  It's definitely something I'll have to play with at home...  The flavors were so rich and intermingled very nicely.  They both did a great job and I'm proud to have been a small part of the Art of Food!  It was a really nice evening and I hope to go again next year!