Awesome Times Ahead!

Hello whiskey fans and fans of all things awesome! Things have been very hectic and excitingly fast-paced around the distillery lately and I'd love to share some of that with you.  I'm working on mashing the whiskey for the BarrelMaster Home Whiskey Aging kits, so those will hopefully be ready in early December!

We've got some new, updated labels that we'll be rolling out that I think are improvements on the earlier version.  Love to hear what you think...

Here's some highlights of events StilL 630 is a part of over the next couple weeks:

-Wednesday, Nov 20th Private Tasting with Maryland Heights Seniors

-Thursday, Nov 21st Whiskey Tasting at the Old Rock House from 6-7pm before the awesome stand up comedy of Joey "Coco" Diaz and Ari Shaffir!  They added a second show, so it's not too late to get tickets. (you should, it's gonna be great!)  These guys are regulars on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (which if you're not listening to, you should be) and monsters on the stand up comedy scene.  This will be the best stand up comedy in St. Louis this year, mark my words.

Joey Diaz/Ari Shaffir Info/Tickets

****Saturday, Nov 23rd from 12-4pm is the last chance for public tours and tastings this month!  So make plans and come on in with your friends and visit St. Louis' best craft distillery!****

-Also on Saturday, Nov 23rd is the 2nd Annual Whiskey In The Winter Festival at the Hyatt Regency Hotel downtown St. Louis!!  Over 200 whiskeys to sample all in one place! Tickets are still available:  Whiskey In The Winter Info/Tickets

****Distillery will be closed Nov 23-Dec 1st for Thanksgiving!****

-December 6th, 7th, & 8th is the "Eat, Drink, & Listen Festival"!  It's going to be a really cool series of events focusing on the fusion of music, booze, and food!  More details to come soon, but the first event will be at 4Hands Brewery Friday Dec 6th and feature improvised cocktails to accompany and accentuate the improvised jazz music of New York City based "Trio TBD", should be a great time!

-December 7th Whiskey&Cigar Event at Gran Cru Cigars in Soulard!  Starting at 2pm, we'll be sippin' whiskey and puffin' on cigars in a special pairing that is open to the public!  Come on down, learn a little about whiskey, a little about cigars, and a lot about enjoying them with good people! Plus, this cigar bar is BYOB!!! Gran Cru Cigars

-December 10th is the Dishcrawl Cocktail Wars! where 5 uber-talented local mixologists will compete in the North American Spirits Championship!  Watch them prepare their fantastic concoctions, taste the cocktails, and vote for your favorites!  Tickets still available, if you love cocktails (like I do), then this will be an event you want to attend! Info & tickers: Dishcrawl Cocktail Wars

Very exciting couple weeks, hope to see you out at all of these events!