Barrel Master Aging Complete!

Still630Nov13.07 copy Well, it's been six months now and our Barrel Master Home Whiskey Aging Kit has turned whiskey into much better whiskey!  Unfortunately, those pesky angels have been quite greedy, taking about 40% of the spirit during those six months!  (In reality, the staves on these smaller barrels are thinner than on 53 gallon barrels and therefore more evaporation occurs)



Finish: Three months in

However, I am responsible for about two snifters full of 'sampling' during those six months.  And I started drinking this before I took the 'after' picture...  The bottle was almost full.  But as you can see, it produced a very rich dark color and the spirit itself evolved into something approximating a finely aged whiskey, picking up notes of toffee, vanilla, and oak behind the predominant grain notes, which are led by a rye spice mingled with corn and supported by the cereal barley.  The mouthfeel became much more pronounced and rich while the legs on the sides of the snifter lengthened considerably.