Beer & Solar

Sidni and I just returned home from a great evening at the Beer & Solar event co-hosted by StraightUp Solar at The Civil Life Brewing Company. Jake Hafner & co. have done a great job over there and make some fine beers, plus they have a neat facility with a great outdoor beer garden, we'll definitely be back on beautiful days!. StraightUp Solar, based right here in St. Louis, is one of the regional leaders in solar technology. They installed solar panels on the roof to provide green energy to power the brewery and they gave a presentation about that process as well as solar power in general.

Being environmentally conscious as we are, it's very exciting to see the developments and increasing utilization of solar power by individuals and companies across the United States. Crucial to renewable solar energy's continued growth, solar power has become a smart financial decision in addition to being an ethically responsible one.

Part of our vision for StilL 630 is to utilize as much renewable energy as possible in our business. Knowing that we can actually lower costs while doing so makes it even more appealing. We hope that this trend continues to grow and that we can one day be a small part of the bright future of renewable energy!