Best Internship Ever.

I've been lucky enough to land a spot in the coveted Internship program at my alma mater Wabash College.  A top ranked, but tiny (< 1000 students) Liberal Arts college in Crawfordsville, IN.  So after the near impossible job of filtering through 15 great applicants, I finally found my guy: Spencer Peters. He's about as Indomitable as they come.  Starting attacker on the varsity Lacrosse team.  Lived in Italy for six months, Daughters of the Revolution humanitarian of the Year, and pretty damn smart.  So smart he earned himself a Lilly Scholarship to Wabash (that's a full ride)!  They only give out two of those per year.  And look at him attack that monster BLT from Crown Candy Kitchen!!


He started working with me on May 20th, and the poor guy's been a champ as he deals with the grueling, random, and often tedious hours.  Plus, he's got a taskmaster for a boss...  But he's hard-working, extremely good-natured, obviously very intelligent, and a great conversationalist.  Basically everything you could ask for in an employee.

Here he is "time out"... cleaning the mash tun.


So stop in and meet Spencer!  He's a great guy to grab a cocktail with.