Another piece of the puzzle arrives. We finally took possession of the boilers and hot water tank today! Distillery friend Mark brought them in on his flat bed and we hoisted them off with a crane. We're proud to say that they were in service in a Missouri elementary school for 10 years. The school is now upgrading and we're more than happy to help re-use them. It's always good to find new uses for old things... that's something we really believe in at StilL 630 and one of the many ways we're doing our part to take care of the world for future generations. The boilers seem to be in good shape. They run about a 1,000,000 BTUs apiece, so they should be great for running the cooker and still. I guess it's time to "Boiler Up!" as our friends from Purdue would say!

Unfortunately, our shipment of mash cooker and fermentation tanks missed a weight station somewhere along the way and is now delayed until tomorrow, which screws up my plans to visit more properties. Two steps forward, one step back...