Brewery Collab #2!

I'm super excited to announce that as I sit here writing this, the first stripping run of the second spirit in our Brewery Collaboration Series is coming off the still! For this exceptional project, we have partnered with our good friends at Modern Brewery.  (With whom we partnered for a barrel-aged version of their Arkham's Finest (which was sensational!) and the Motion At The Still adventure filmfest we held last Nov)

Because the goal for this project is a release at 630 Day 2016, we decided to go with a summer appropriate beer, to wit, a Biere de Garde - which is basically a strong pale ale.  This one has some incredible floral notes and the right amount of body to be delicious now, but traditionally these beers are meant to be cellared before drinking.

As we did with our first collaboration (read HERE), I'm planning on double distilling this beer and aging it in new 15 gallon charred oak barrels to impart the oak flavor and develop some more complexity as a spirit in the time we have available.  (as I write, 630 Day is exactly 9 months from tomorrow!)  They are also aging a couple hundred gallons of the beer in our used RallyPoint barrels in the classical style of maturing a Biere de Garde before consumption and we will be releasing them together to enjoy the two different expressions of this delicious alcohol.

And so it goes without saying that Modern Brewery will be our official craft beer partner for 630 Day 2016!  They'll be here pouring their barrel-aged Biere de Garde... and probably another of their fantastic beers!

Heads-up: Modern Brewery is about to open their tasting room and I highly recommend you go check it out, brewmaster Ronny Fink and the brew crew are making some fantastic beers!