Catching Up...

I figure that it's time I brought you all up to speed on what's going on at the distillery!  We've been making progress, though I know it doesn't look like it from the outside...  We had our Occupancy Inspections on Jan 11th and they went well.  We're looking forward to (hopefully) receiving our Occupancy Permit any day now.  Which will be huge because it instantly and finally activates all the state and city licenses that we worked painstakingly to receive last year.  And it will allow us to finally share our hard work with the thirsty public! However, we are also waiting on the respective arm of the Federal Government: the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau (bka: the "TTB") to get around to approving our formulas and labels for our first spirits.  Something which they have to do before we are able to sell any bottles.  And unfortunately, as things with the government tend to do, it is taking much longer than advertised to get -what should be relatively simple and mere formalities- done.

On the positive side, that's all that we're waiting on!  We've got the boiler and steam piping all hooked up.  In fact, we've been test-running the still and it seems to be working great!

We had some good friends generously donate some long hours recently to help slap some lipstick on the distillery.  Trust me when I say though it does not look as comely as it could if we spent five million dollars on it, it does look infinitely better than it did!  And so I'll add a note to all future visitors (which we hope is everyone in the world and their brother's mother!): this distillery is a working manufacturing plant.  It is not a fancy restaurant or palatial residence.  Only the most awesome of people may ever get married there, but many and more will there enjoy some delicious spirits!

There are a few other things in the mix, but I'll save those for another time.  So check back often, or if you're really savvy with the interwebs, subscribe to the blog to get notifications when there's a new post.  I have some interesting things cooking, and not just delicious whiskeys!