Catching up...

Lots of great things going on at the distillery lately... Towards the end of Sept, I traveled up to Chicago to take part in the Chicago Craft Spirits Expo.  The night before, I was part of a spirits tasting event at Jerry's on the Northside.  Very cool place and was fortunate to have a great turnout that set the tone for an even better night the next day.

Going back to Chicago is always special for me.  I lived there for 8 years, during my 20s and it was a formative time for me as I struggled mightily early on but through hard work and perseverance, I eventually became reasonably successful as a futures trader and was able to take advantage of so many of the great opportunities in that great American city.  Sidni and I still have many dear friends who live there, so it's always fun to return.

This trip was especially significant because my friend Colin Joliat, who started as a trader with me years back and is now an incredibly talented alcohol writer and creator of the single best website ever created: (since retired) (check him out here: follow him on twitter: @FlintSkinny) and I went to our first whiskey expo several years ago, back when my dream of starting my own distillery was just that, a dream.  And now, here we are, having both moved on from trading into alcohol-related fields and I'm actually pouring my own whiskey at the expo.  It was one of those great scenic viewpoints on life's hike where you can take a moment and enjoy the view while marveling at how far you've come.  It was very special to be able to share it with Colin, I'm thankful for that.

The Expo itself went really well.  Our great friend, Jenny, was there making StilL 630 much more attractive than I ever could!  She and I met hundreds of people, distillers, distributors, industry people, and whiskey fans.  We had a great time sharing our spirits and spreading the good word.  It feels like it was a very successful trip and it felt great to return triumphantly to my old hometown.

Jenny & David


My take-aways from the trip: incredible thanks to the huge out-pouring of support from old friends; very excited to have met new friends and whiskey fans; encouraged about the chances to break into the IL market.  We'll see what comes next...