Delicious Competing Cocktails

Sidni and I went to Blood and Sand today for their Don Q Cocktail Competition. As always at Blood and Sand, the food was good and the drinks were delicious! But it was a real treat to experience 19 of St. Louis' best bartenders mixing up masterpieces using the same base spirit, in this case, tequila. It was a really fun afternoon and so interesting to see such a wide variety of cocktails conjured up from the same starting point. There was one in particular made by Lauren from Taste that used carrots and cilantro (something I'd never have thought of) that was exquisite. At the end of the day, the champion was TJ from Blood and Sand for his cocktail: The Fix. Well-deserved I might add. It was a great time and Sidni and I left dreaming of one day in the future when one of StilL 630's spirits is the choice liquor for the cocktail competition!