Falling Down

Though I pray for a different ending than the great film "FALLING DOWN", I feel like Kurt Douglas' character as he shouted, "I'm going HOME!". Awesome news: StilL630 finally has a home! I can't say enough about Mark Brennan, my realtor with SolonGershman, and the job he did helping me find my location. He worked tirelessly, but more important he was honest and treated my search with complete care and concern, as if it were a hugely important project. Well, it IS important to ME, and he acted like it was to him as well. He's a good man, and a true friend of the distillery. Can't wait to share a bottle with him... he's earned it.

So after months and months (and then a few more months) of searching, I've finally found what I think is the best location for the distillery. It's on a prime piece of real estate just south (and slightly east) of Busch Stadium. In fact, I expect to be able to hear the cheers of the crowd on hot summer days when I've got the windows open! (and let's hope for another season like the last one! 12 in 12!) And I hope that we'll get lots of visitors who stop in on their way to/from a Cards game. I think a stop at the distillery would make for a great addition to a great day at the ol' ballpark!

Back to the matter at hand... This interesting little building was born a Hardee's, went vacant, then was home to a florist, and soon will evolve into the home of the best little distillery in the world! That's my humble hope at least.

The current tenant still has time left on his lease, but once he's out I'll start on the remodeling and licensing. It's exciting to have finally completed one huge task, and to finally be able to move on to the next. And one day, almost on the distant horizon now, I'll be able to 'flip the switch' and start making that sweet, sweet nectar of life!