Firsts Are Always Exciting!

We've gotten our first bit of real, live public press! It's not super long, but it's still really exciting for us. And it's in a great magazine too, one that we get delivered: FEAST Magazine! Here's a link to the article: article_5a19d5a8-4608-11e1-9939-001a4bcf6878.html#.Tx3TftnQw2w.twitter

This piece is basically just a small introduction, but it's still really exciting for us! We've been working so hard for so long, and with so much still left to do, sometimes it's pretty tough to avoid getting overwhelmed by the daunting challenges we face. But, by God, that's what our Indomitable Spirit is all about: staring our challenges in the face and relentlessly overcoming them. Never giving up. And little things like this press release help rekindle that flame and give us encouragement to climb higher. So thank you FEAST Magazine, we hope this is the start of many great articles to come!