We are releasing one of the most special bottles of whiskey ever! The culmination of six long hard years of blood, sweat, and tears. As we've built this company into the multi-award-winning, nationally acclaimed distillery, this special barrel has been quietly aging.

Now, on Sept 16th, 2017, it turns FIVE YEARS old! This will be the FIRST ever Five Year old whiskey made and aged in the state of Missouri! Come out to the distillery at 10am on Sept 16th to be the first to taste and buy this incredible spirit. Extremely limited number of bottles are available and they are all engraved for this special release!

This un-cut, un-filtered bottle of barrel strength straight rye whiskey clocks in at 126.2 proof, and the flavors are incredible.  Each bottle is hand engraved, number, and signed.  Come get yours before it sells out!  First available at 10am, Sept 16th, 2017 in the distillery tasting room!