Form like Voltron...

This company continues to be my driving focus and life's passion.  I've poured my soul into it over the last five years and literally built it from nothing.  It's been an incredible ride and I've been lucky enough to get help from all over and at crucial times.  I've had some great summer interns and a couple guys who helped distribute along the way.  But as 2017 dawned, I found myself again StilL 630's sole employee.

Which makes me super excited to announce two pretty incredible individuals who are bringing their special talents to our team.  First, is my incredibly lovely wife: Sidni, who is taking over our book-keeping and is now our "V.P. of Miscellaneous Stuff".  She's going to take over the office side of the business so I can focus on production.

From the very beginning, it's been our dream for her to come aboard officially and it's extremely exciting that it's finally happened!  (and yes, for those wondering what this really means: it means I just gave myself a boss...)  She's intelligent, organized, with a great attitude and has impeccable taste in men.  Plus, I know she's as committed to the company's success as I am.

Secondly, but with complete enthusiasm, I'd like to introduce Andrew Spaugh, whose business card now describes him as the Master of Sales & Distribution.  Not to mention our resident mixologist, labeler, and current owner of the best beard at StilL 630!  He's a great guy with an incredible passion for whiskey and he's long been a close friend of the distillery.

I'm very excited for these two to help me take the distillery to new heights.  It really feels like we're building a rock solid team with dynamic, passionate individuals who have enormous work ethics and share a unified vision for incredible quality.  Welcome aboard Sidni & Andrew!!  We are going to do great things together.