Fun times at the distillery

You know, sometimes it stinks being the guy in charge when you're also the only employee...  It's really hard to blame anyone else.  (those of you who've been in the distillery know there's a certain cardboard cut-out who takes quite the verbal lashing from time to time) And while the latest challenges haven't necessarily been my fault, they've been quite infuriating.  First off, the clutch in my car gave out earlier this week, keeping me from making some deliveries and otherwise throwing a fork in my plans with time lost and costly repairs.  Secondly, the recent cold snap burst a pipe in the ceiling above the fermenters, bringing work at the distillery to a halt until we can get the pipe repair inspected by the city (next week).  I wish I could say that the burst pipe was responsible for all the water in the distillery, but with the snow melt and rain, water seems to be working it's way in everywhere...  Quite infuriating if you're me.

But in actual good news, I did have a great time with the crew of FEAST TV when they came to shoot a piece on the distillery for the emmy-winning show.  The episode with StilL 630, Planter's House, Tony's, and Hammon's Black Walnuts will air on the Nine Network at 2pm on Sat Feb 1st.  Make sure you tune in!

Check out this awesome pic of the beast in his lair: FeastTV-BigJake