Geekly Podcast #83!

Last summer, I was at a local event doing a tasting like usual.  And amidst talking to all the interested people, I met a couple guys who produce an awesome podcast called Geekly Podcast.  I began listening to it, and the geek in me really enjoyed it. (I was an English major, I love stories of all kinds... movies, tv shows, comics, etc...) Fast-forward to last month when the Geekly team: Melwheezy, Tech Dre, and D-Jedi came out to the distillery and set up all their equipment and we had a great time talkin' (and drinking!) St. Louis whiskey!

Check it out here: GEEKLY PODCAST #83 Geekly Podcast Official Logo

Big thanks to Tech Dre, Melwheezy, & D-Jedi for having me on!!