Glacially Chilled

Talk about an Indomitable Spirit, Tony Rocca, jack of all trades and he of MR340 and Motion-At-The-Still fame; has been at it again.  Traipsing across some of the most rugged terrain on the North American continent, he just returned from an incredible white water rafting trip through interior Alaska.  Luckily, he had the necessities with him to steel himself against the freezing chill of the glacial meltwater.  Check out some of the incredible pics he took. RoccaAlaskaGlacierRP9520 (Click HERE for full image and others)

And make no mistake, that RallyPoint is floating in 100 year-old glacial ice.  Incredible to think about all those years that water has waited to finally be able to melt into our rye whiskey.  I could use a glass myself to sit on that riverbank, quietly pondering the massive glacier and ponder all that has happened since that rain fell.

As intrepid adventurers ourselves, we dream of tackling a trip like Tony's.  And so we raise a glass to his Indomitable Spirit.  (though my ice is only hours old...)  Cheers to you, sir.  Thanks for taking us along in spirit!