Go Time!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe that it's now 2015.  Twenty-FIFTEEN!  We are in the future.  And that's awesome.

Obviously, there is a lot wrong with the world, and in our little corner of it as well.  But I personally choose to believe that there is much, much more right with the world.  The media intentionally feeds us death, horror, and treachery, because that gets ratings.  But I think if we step back, we see a much brighter picture.  More human beings across the planet have better access to health care than ever before in history.  Standards of living are on the rise everywhere.  We are living longer and in better quality.  Our technology is mind-boggling.  This very forum I'm writing on was unimagined when I was a kid.  The internet continues to connect us and let us interact and create like never before.  And I think that free-sharing of ideas, experiences, and knowledge is truly our best hope for the future.  The more we understand each other and communicate on the same page, the better off we will all be.

But I also think that in order to improve our world, we must first each improve ourselves. I believe I’m a better person than I was 12 months ago.  Not by magic nor simply surviving another year on this planet, but because I have consistently and relentlessly worked at improving myself.  Little aspects, little tweaks here and there, like drops off the still, eventually add up to something big.  And I’m nowhere near perfect – ask my wife – but you can be damn sure that 2015 David Weglarz is a better version than the 2014 model.

Last year I shared my own personal goals for the year, and I got a lot of positive feedback,so I've decided to do it again.  Here are my personal goals for 2015:

My #1 Goal: -Be the best Father & Husband I can be

Distillery-Related: -Introduce 4 new spirits -Double distillery output -Have 60+ barrels aging on Dec 31st, 2015 -Barrel Age 12 cocktails -Throw a great 3rd Annual 630 Day Party! -Obtain out of state distributor -Add Event Calendar to website -Blog & Social Media Current -Launch cocktail videos -Have an intern -Successful Mardi Gras -Win Spirit Medal -Sell First Private Single Barrel -Frame Posters

Personal: -Read 12 books -Cook 12 new (to me) dishes -Make 24 new (to me) cocktails -Go to 6 new (to me) STL restaurants -Run 100 miles -Bike 600 miles (or MR340) -Bike Katy Trail -Lose 10 pounds (start 248) -Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries -Complete 4 Short Stories -Complete 4 Poems -Finish children’s book -Catch up w/Journal before March 1st -Frame Life Goals -Go Diving Twice -Go Camping -Go Hiking -Go Rafting/kayaking -Taxes done before February -Visit Chicago -Visit Indy -Visit Louisville -Visit a new city -Leave the Country -Grow successful garden -Increase Flexibility -Finish Stained Glass for (gift) -Finish Climbing Picture -Finish Guest Room (paint/hang pictures) -Complete An Athletic Event -No Procrastination, FWYS GOADI -Support a Charity -Volunteer -Fully Organize basement

I have high hopes for 2015.  And I think that we must let the past be past and look to the present and on to the future.  We have to actively break free from the negative cycles that have steered our lives so far.  Don't make excuses.  Make plans to achieve your goals.  And then go out there and make it happen.

Dreams don't come true.  They are MADE true.

So we raise a glass, to our best year yet!

Cheers, David