WOW.  It feels so good to finally type those words...  This herculean labor of love has taken so much longer, cost so much more, and been so much more trying and stressful than I ever dreamed.  But to those kindred spirits who also nurture that inner indomitable flame, you know that nothing is too much, no challenge too great that we will not eventually overcome.  Like I always like to say: "Bite off more than you can chew.  And then chew it." And that's what I did.  I started eating this elephant one bite at a time and though the weeks stretched into months and then stretched over a year, and almost into two... we finally got to the starting line!  Now it's Go Time.  I haven't worked this hard and put, not only my own future directly on the line, but also that of my young family, to not succeed.  I do not believe it to be a matter of 'IF', but 'WHEN'.


Nor do I claim to do this alone.  Let me be the first to say that there is absolutely no way I could've made it to this point without the loving support of so many people.  First and foremost: my beautiful wife, Sidni.  She is my biggest cheerleader and sometimes gives me the kick in the butt I need to stop feeling overwhelmed and start attacking.  Dyke, Jim, & Ben true friends who put their money where their mouth was.  My father-in-law, whose advice and support have helped me strategize and execute while keeping me focused.  All the members of our family and dear friends, who have contributed to our success by donating their personal time and effort.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Now on to the actual Grand Opening...  it was a huge success!  We welcomed into the distillery tons of friends, both new and old, and it was fantastic to share with them our passion and our humble beginnings.  It was also great to meet some of our twitter/facebook friends in person!

I am truly blessed to have the ability to follow my dream and a huge group of family, friends (new and old and yet-to-meet) that are supporting me every step of the way!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  The best is yet to come.