Happy 630 Day!!

It's our very own holiday! Originally, way back when we were first launching this dream, I had hoped (planned) on throwing our Grand Opening party on this day. It would've been the perfect kick-off day for our new distillery here in the heart of St. Louis. Unfortunately, the timeline just hasn't worked out as hoped. To update you on our progress: We're still waiting to hear back from the TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau, the arm of the Federal Government responsible for permitting distilleries) about our license application. This is the first and most crucial step on our licensing road to becoming a working distillery. They are currently quite backlogged at the moment in reviewing applications, but with some luck, hopefully we'll have our DSP (Distilled Spirits Plant) Permit in the next couple months. At which point we can start the application process for our State and then City permits... If you ever want to climb a mountain of governmental red tape, opening a distillery is a great way to go...

If it were just a matter of getting the building ready and hooking everything up, the distillery would probably be open by the end of July. But as of now, we're optimistically shooting for an opening in early/mid Fall because of the lengthy and time-consuming licensing and permitting process. We just want to get up and running and start producing delicious whiskeys, rums, and bourbon!! (not to mention having a positive impact on the local economy and creating jobs... something I feel like this country could really use right now!)

Things are moving along, just not as fast as we'd hoped. But rest assured that a year from now, on 6/30 2013, we'll be having our first personal holiday party, and you'll be invited! And who knows, depending on when we finally get the green light from the government, we might even have some aged rum and whiskey ready for the celebration!

So Happy 630 Day! Hope you're enjoying some spirits!