Indomitable Spirit of the Olympics

What is more indomitable than the Olympic Spirit? Across centuries and time zones, borders and languages, the spirit of the Olympic Games transcends our differences as we unite to celebrate our kindred spirits.

From Still 630 Distillery, to the farthest reaches of the globe, mankind shares an innate love of competition and desire to be the best. We cheer on the athleticism as much as we praise and respect this lofty display of commitment that all these athletes share. Gaining strength from the possibility of failure. Only by risking defeat and disappointment can they bring victory within reach.

Very few among us are willing to make such sacrifices and dedicate their lives to the pursuit of human perfection in their chosen field. Years of hard work, discipline, and commitment to a goal, that is what these athletes personify. And that, as much as anything else, we celebrate during these games.

And as spectators we like seeing that in the athletes, we want to see it, for it reflects that which is in all of us. And who doesn't need to be reminded of the best in all of us, the good and wonderful potential in humanity as a whole? Especially when we are bombarded by images and news of the worst on a daily basis.

We learn intimate details of these -otherwise strangers- lives. We adopt them as national heroes and lay the weight of our expectations on their shoulders. And in return, we live and die with them, crushed by their disappointments and thrilled by their triumphs, our hearts collectively beat with theirs.

The stories that mean the most to us, the ones that resonate most strongly, are those of hardships overcome, obstacles and challenges met head on and relentlessly overcome. More than the natural gifts or athletic prowess, we can identify with that. Our hearts respond to that refusal to give up, the courage and strength to persevere when times are difficult, and the sheer will power to push ourselves farther than we ever thought possible.

These athletes, at the pinnacle of their field, most clearly display that sacred inner flame. The fire inside all of us, kindled bright and strong and nakedly on display for the world to see. They represent the greatest human attribute: the Indomitable Spirit. And for that, we salute them.

So from all of us at StilL 630 Distillery, to all of you across the world: CHEERS!!

And Go Team USA!!!