Manuya is Tahitian for 'Cheers'!! Sidni and I were there on our honeymoon this time last year, so it's a special memory for us. It's amazing that another year has come and gone. I always like to take some time and reflect on what transpired over the last year and on what opportunities await in this new year. As usual, some of the best (and worst) things come unplanned, but that's what makes life so exciting. I also think that it offers great perspective to reflect on how I've personally grown. How am I better than I was a year ago? What do I still need to work on? Etc, etc.

After I retired from futures trading, we left Chicago and moved here to St. Louis. 2011 saw the genesis of StilL630, and now 2012 will see the fulfillment of that dream. It's taken longer to get where we are than I'd hoped it would, and I'm sure it will take longer than I plan to get where I want to go. But with enough passion and effort, and all your help and support, I know that eventually we'll get there.

So here's to the best year yet! I hope that 2012 proves better than you hope and you find it full of good health, good friends, and good spirits!

Manuya! David