Market St. Culinary Tour

Yesterday, we were honored to be a part of the Market St. Culinary Tour put on by St. Louis Culinary Tours. The tour started out at 360: Rooftop Bar for drinks and apps, then headed over to Tony's for what I heard was a delicious grouper dish. Then the tour visited our distillery, where they got an in-depth tour of our operations and sampled our spirits. Then I joined them at Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood for the debut of the amazing Bahn Mi Filet created by executive chef Nick Zotos. Bahn Mi Filet -Mike Shannons

I have to admit, it doesn't necessarily sound like something I might've blindly ordered, but I'm so glad that I got to try it because I would've missed was delicious!  I'll definitely be taking Sidni there to get it when it debuts on the regular menu on June 25th. The filet was paired with StilL 630's Barrel-Aged Missouri Mint Julep and the cocktail was a hit.


It's a huge honor to have a cocktail that I personally created be paired with such a unique and gourmet dish, especially at such a top level restaurant like Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood! I'm really excited that my MO Mint Julep will be the featured cocktail pairing with the steak when it launches on the menu later this month!

Before we left Mike Shannon's we also got a private tour of the kitchen (which has got to be completely controlled chaos on a busy night!) and their lower level... which included an old bank vault - with really awesome huge metal vault door - that has been transformed into a wine cellar and private dining room. The table inside is hands-down one of the coolest tables I've ever seen. The stone is from Turkey and the lighting beneath brings out incredible colors. I can't wait to have an event there in the future... maybe a spirit pairing dinner or something...


The tour then moved on back to 360 where it wrapped up with more cocktails and great views. It seemed like everyone had a phenomenal time and I was honored to be a small part of that great St. Louis experience! You should definitely take one of the tours. It's so cool to meet the chefs and see the private sides of such great restaurants, as well as sometimes getting to try food that isn't even on the regular menu! Check it out: STL Culinary Tour Schedule