Maverick Gunslinger?

Just today, FEAST Magazine put out another article on us! You can find it here: I met with Brandon Chuang, the FEAST writer, at Tucker's in Soulard, and we had a great conversation over lunch. Brandon's a super nice guy and a big fan of spirits too. It was a very enjoyable interview.

I'm really excited about this piece because it gives the reader a slightly longer look behind the curtain and shares more of my own personal background. It scratches the surface on the passion that drives me and why we won't make vodka.

I laughed when I read how they described me, but I guess it must be pretty spot on. According to Distillery Friend Casey G: "David Weglarz: a 'Maverick Gunslinger'? Oh, absolutely." But I'm excited about being able to share my passion with others who loves craft spirits. I'm excited to try new things, wild and crazy ideas that the establishment isn't willing to try. And I'm sure some of my experiments won't turn out so great... BUT... it will all be worth it for the ideas that do turn out as truly great ones. After all, that mindset worked out pretty well for Edison.

But this is my life. The only one I get. So I'm going to make this the best damn life I can.

And if that makes me a Maverick Gunslinger... then so be it!