Miss Do It All

I've been meaning to post this for a while and I apologize to her for waiting... One of the great people I've been fortunate to meet on this wild journey, Cori Paige, has received some well-deserved recognition.  Cori has been named as one of Imbibe Magazine's "Imbibe 75" A list of the adult beverage industry's top 75 people, places, and flavors to watch in 2014. (Imbibe Mag is definitely worth reading, FYI)

I got to know Cori through another friend (thanks Dennis) and have joined in on a couple podcasts for her show UnderMyHost (www.undermyhost.com), which I highly recommend if you have even a passing interest in booze and the colorful characters who run rampant in the industry.  UMH talks with all the top people (brewers, distillers, winemakers, mixologists, etc) in the craft beverage world and it feels like you're just pulling up a bar stool to meet with old friends.  It gives great insight into the (sometimes twisted) minds of the very people crafting the products you love.

Here are the two podcasts I weighed in on, listen for free:  (Podcast 1) (Podcast 2)


But the podcast is just the tip of Cori's iceberg... she's founded, continued, and/or spearheaded many different projects, with more in the pipeline.  She's got enough going on to keep a whole team busy, but she balances a new cocktail (she just created) in one hand, a laptop in the other, and a wit to balance it all out.

Aside from the stellar podcast, two of her best ventures going right now, or at least in the works, are her new, non-profit "Veterans In Craft" initiative and a craft beverage publication entitled simply: "CRAFT."  I'm excited to get my hands on the first issue of Craft because Cori knows everyone in the craft world and so I'm sure she'll have articles and pieces written by the cream of their respective crops.


But it's "Veterans In Craft" that I'm most excited about.  It's a venture that I hold very dear.  It's always been my plan, but it's even more exciting now to make it a public initiative.  The goal is to offer training and assist in connecting returning veterans with those employers looking to hire them.  As a large group, we can do even more good and help offer another path for the deserving service men and women as they attempt to assimilate back into everyday life.

It seems to me that to help produce something that brings people together could be particularly helpful to our veterans, who've seen more than their share of ugliness.  A no matter who you are, a drink with friends (old or new) is always good for the soul.  If you're a veteran or craft producer looking to get involved, please reach out.

Back to Cori though...  She's one of the best people to follow on twitter (@UnderMyHost) facebook (Cori Paige) etc if you like craft beer/wine/spirits/cocktails.  And I look forward to the next time I can share a drink with Cori, that is if she'll sit still long enough!  Cheers to you, Cori.  Thank you for helping promote all us knuckleheads.