Mother's Day

What a wonderful day this is.  A chance to focus our thoughts and energies on the most deserving of people: Moms.  We're all here because of one, and while some are better than others, none of them ever get the thanks they deserve. So I'd like to take a minute and talk about two of them that are near and dear to me personally.

IMG_1177 First, is my MILly, my Mother-In-Law, Dana.  She's such a phenomenal woman.  She bikes crazy long distances and watches her grandson with pure joy and love.  She has one of the greenest thumbs and biggest hearts I've ever seen.  She's one of my biggest supporters and I can't thank her enough.  (PS. I'm sorry for my beard scratching you!) Mason&Mommy-Halloween'13 The other is my wife, Sidni.  The mother of our son who's also carrying our second child.  I could write a novel about you and how amazingly wonderful you are.  But I'll try to keep it simple by thanking you for being the spectacular, loving mother that you are.  I cannot imagine someone I'd rather have by my side raising our children than you.  You're so strong, intelligent, supportive, and beautiful.  You inspire me to be the best version of myself I can be.  Thank you for that.

And I can't forget the many other wonderful moms out there who deserve their own recognition!  I know this isn't everyone I know, so forgive, me but I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to Nan H., Jill S., Patti H., Amy S., Bri S., Laura A., Courtney J., Les R., Janet W., Joan I., Jill W., Ronna P., Lisa M., Mary P., Cindy P., Annie B., Jamie G., Cori S., Pam T., Abigail P., Allison T. and every other Mother I love whom I'd too dumb to include.

And of course, my mother.  I love you and miss you, Mom.