Motion At The Still

Film Fest Poster My new big screen...

We hosted our first film fest (Motion At The Still) last night at the distillery and it was a huge success!!  My MR 340 buddy, Tony Rocca (of Mountain Hard Pair, etc) put it together, his dad manned the grill cooking brats, dogs, and chili, his brother Nick brought in an enormous big screen for the films (it was 16'x9'!), and Tony brought some huge fire pits, tables, and the movies.

Beamer Eisele of the new St. Louis establishment Modern Brewery brought delicious beers, including a stout that had been aged in one of our used sorghum whiskey barrels that was incredible!  And I made a huge batch of my Hearth & Home cocktail which was a big hit.


The videos that Mountain Hard Pair put on were fantastic.  Huge whitewater from all over the country, incredible paddling skill, and the debut of "Colorado River: Sorry, We Party", which is Tony's documentary about the epic 21 day rafting trip he and his friends, organized, executed, and dominated down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. There are few things I love in life more than paddling through white water rapids (maybe whiskey) and these videos were awesome.  They perfectly captured that deep adventurous spirit that burns inside us all.

We had bonfires, beers, bbq, white water videos, and whiskey.  Add to that good friends old and new and you have yourself a recipe for a great time!  The fun went on into the wee hours of the night... it was badass.  Even though I was working the whole time, I still had a great time and it seemed like everyone else did too!  Who knows, maybe there'll be another film fest in the future...  I, for one, would love to be part of making the videos for it!

Raise a glass to the indomitable spirit in all of us.

Four Horsemen (Tony, Beamer, MIMITW, David)