New Year! New Opportunities!

We here at StilL 630 love the New Year, it's a great chance to evaluate ourselves and see how far we've come in the last year and where we want to go in the new year.  We enjoy taking the time to remember our past triumphs and disappointments and learn what we can from them.  One of the things I hate the most is making the same mistake twice.  I try my best never to do that, but to avoid it, you have to reflect. 2012 was a great year in many respects, but unfulfilling in others.  We made a ton of progress on the distillery, but weren't able to open like we'd hoped.  I made progress on my personal Life Goals, but didn't make time to accomplish some in particular, which is ok because I had other things that deserved priority.  Most important of all, I was able to spend quality time with dear friends and family, making wonderful memories that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.  And do it all while making relentless progress towards manifesting my dream.

So what do I expect from 2013?  Opportunities.  What do I expect from myself?  A ton.

First off, I'm ecstatic about finally opening the distillery to the public and showing off the first fruits of my hard labors!  I can't wait to share my spirits with the world and (hopefully) show my wife that she was correct in believing in me and supporting my dream!

Secondly, I can't wait to put some of the governmental red tape behind me and shift more of my focus to producing the best spirits I possibly can!  I am dying to experiment with new flavors and styles, and launch our ambitious barreling program.

Third is a direct result of number 2, I want to engage with all the kindred spirits (if you will!) out there.  Both in person and via social media.  I am making it a goal of mine to engage much more.  No more sporadic blogging!  Regular updates and frequent tweets and facebook posts.  And they won't ALL be about StilL 630, I want to share more of the things that interest me with all of you, and vice versa!  I want to be more well-rounded than a billiard ball, and I'm always interested in cool ideas and intriguing events, so if you come across cool stuff, let me know!  I'm @still630.

Fourth (and only fourth because it pertains to me as a person and not directly to the distillery) I want to be the best David Weglarz I can be.  That means overcoming bad habits and negative patterns.  That means taking a hard look at myself and actively working on improving myself and my life.  Most of all it means being the best husband I can be... and in a month and a half or so, it's going to mean being the best father I can be!  That's right, Sidni and I are looking forward to welcoming our little future distiller into the world!  We're so excited!  So come on down to the distillery in a few months and you just might catch little Weglarz riding around on Big Jake!

2013 presents huge opportunities and possibilities.  I'm going to capitalize on them because, damnit, THIS is my life and I'm going to make it the best I possibly can!

So here's to us and to taking life by the throat.  Stalk your dreams.  Never give up.  Cheers to the best year yet! #Indomitable.

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