UPDATE: 11/4/16 BATCH #3 is SOLD OUT!  You might be able to find a bottle lurking on a hidden shelf at one of the great local liquor stores for a little while longer, but we are completely out at the distillery.  Like all great sunsets, they eventually end... we hope to make another batch one day, but there is nothing in the works currently...

It's been over a year since Batch #2 of RallyPoint Maple Sunset sold out, trust me when I say we feel the wait as long as you do, but great spirits can't be rushed.  So we're incredibly excited to announce the long-awaited release of our Gold Medal-winning RallyPoint Maple Sunset, Batch #3!

We wouldn't be where we are today with our incredible, loyal fans and we've decided to use this awesome opportunity to show a token of our appreciation to our supporters!

We will officially release the spirit on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th AT 10AM ONLY AT THE DISTILLERY!!   $45/bottle.  Limit TWO bottles per person.

However, we are offering an EXCLUSIVE, PRE-RELEASE OPPORTUNITY to any and all of our fans who want to be the first to get their hands (and lips) on BATCH #3 of our famous RALLYPOINT MAPLE SUNSET a day earlier on Friday October 28th!

Here's the catch:  to qualify for a pre-release bottle purchase (LIMIT TWO) on Friday, Oct 28th.  YOU MUST BRING IN A BOTTLE FROM ONE OF THE PREVIOUS TWO BATCHES!!  (bottle must be RallyPoint Maple Sunset, no other bottles are valid)

Our goal is to be fair and try to reward our faithful customers by giving them first access to one of our most beloved spirits.  So even it you don't have an old bottle lying around, then you still have both Saturday and Sunday to come into the distillery and claim one.

Whatever bottles (if any) are left on Monday, Oct 31st, we will release out to our great accounts around St. Louis!  But there is only one precious barrel of RallyPoint Maple Sunset and it certainly won't last long, so don't delay!