Friends & Family Soft Opening

Greetings Kindred Spirits, Recently we held an event that surely sent tremors through the very foundations of the established spirit industry...  We hosted a very private and very intimate Friends and Family Soft Opening party.

This event was a small thank you to all the people who have known us, loved us, and supported us from before this dream even took root.  They've been quietly and sometimes vocally cheering us on from the beginning and donating their time and efforts to help us pull this distillery off.  So we wanted to honor their support with a special gathering at the distillery.

Several people specifically are worthy of special mention for their selfless hard work helping get the distillery ready for the event.

First and foremost: my dad, Ted.  He traveled to St. Louis and stayed with us for two and a half weeks, and even though he's retired, he was there working 15, 16, even 17 hour days helping get things ready.  I'm so blessed to have him for a father and a friend.  Thank you, Dad.

Thaddeus "The Chemist" Weglarz

Two more people are my sister, Jen, who also came in from Indianapolis to lend a hand, and her bottling partner and my friend, Adam.  Together, during one marathon bottling session, they knocked out an entire barrel of rye whiskey!  By the end, they were feeling pretty good just from the fumes...

David's sister, Jen, and friend, Adam, dominated the bottling!

My neighbor, Dan, and his/our buddy Pete were also instrumental in improving the look and presentation of the distillery.  Together, and with a little help from Adam, they filled in all the interior windows and other general manly maintenance.

Dan & Pete doin' work. (circa 2am!)

All of them put in ridiculously late hours out of the goodness of their hearts, and were crucial to the success of the event.  Thank you so much, all of you.

So finally, one rainy night, we were ready to welcome our friends and family into the distillery to see exactly what we've been up to this past year and a half.  We were fortunate to see many of them come from all over the United States (AZ, TX, IN, IL, KY, etc...) as well as right here in St. Louis, and all braved the elements to come out and witness firsthand the progress we've made on fleshing out this dream.

David talking to a spellbound audience!

One of the owners, Dyke, pours (and samples and samples!) tastes for guests

We had over 80 people join us throughout the evening to be amongst the first to ever visit St. Louis' best new distillery.  It was truly a wonderful evening, made all the more special by the presence of our dear friends and family.  We never could have made it this far without you.  A great time was had by all, and despite the rainy evening, spirits were soaring!

Sidni & David Weglarz

Most of all, a very heartfelt THANK YOU to my beautiful (and pregnant) personal cheerleader, my wife, Sidni.  You've given me the encouragement and support necessary to chase my dream, I love you and I couldn't do this without you!

David's father Ted (right) shakes hands with owner Jim while David holds the first bottle!

Thank you so much to all of you who've supported us from the beginning!  We're just getting started.  The best is yet to come!