STILL 630, an update

As STILL 630 embarks on the beginnings of it's journey, we've hit many milestones already. • STILL 630 is officially an LLC.

• 4 fermenters and 1 mash tank are on their way all the way from Seattle, Washington! They should arrive later this week or early next week. Unfortunately they will go into storage for now, because STILL 630 does not yet have a location.

• However, the search for the perfect space is well under way. Many areas of St. Louis are under consideration; including The Central West End, The Grove, Washington Avenue, Locust Creative District, Soulard and Maplewood. Each "neighborhood" emits a slightly differnet vibe and we would like to be in the perfect place for STILL 630. On Thursday we will be visiting specific properties to assess, inspect and evaluate them.

Another important element is the logo. It serves as the first interaction customers will have with our company, so we want to get that just right, too. (Do you see a theme developing?!) As the logo is being developed by the talented artist, Dina Right, the vision for STILL 630 is evolving and becoming more narrow and focused. Each logo portrays a different vision and we are looking for the right emotion to be evoked upon view.

• The last and most important detail is the actual still is in the process of being ordered.

• Lots of exciting stuff going on! We can't wait to share more as we continue to check things off the list.