What a headache. Finally, the tanks have arrived! I negotiated their purchase back in April and after a couple delays (with WWCo waiting on their replacement tanks) they've finally arrived. But unfortunately a couple of the fermenters broke through their pallets and knocked into each other, causing some denting and damage. I guess it could've been much worse, and I'm sure there'll be bigger problems on the road ahead, so I'm just glad to have them finally safe and sound in my possession! But of course it wasn't quite that easy. I had to play a game of telephone to find the new tenants of my sub-leased storage space to come over and open up the warehouse. Then we had to use a forklift to very slowly move the tanks, one at a time, over 200 yards from receiving dock to storage space. The whole process took around 4.5 hours... but it's done! And I have to thank Hank from Pohlman Inc. for taking the time out of his busy day to help me do it. Much appreciated sir!