Thanksgiving Thoughts

Throughout the year, we make a big deal about our spirits and drinking in general.  And it's all fun and good-natured and I do really believe that a great spirit or cocktail really does bolster the good times shared with family and friends.  But it's obvious that the shared time with dear friends and loving family that is most important, whether you're drinking together or not. And I can not be more thankful for my loving wife, for supporting me and this wonderful adventure and being an incredible mother to our kiddos; for my boys, who make all this nonstop hard work seem worthwhile, they are the absolute best things in my life; for Big Jake, for making all of my clothes white and always being happy to see me; for the rest of my family on all sides, who are just a pleasure to be around; and for my dear friends, who are really more like extended family.  My life wouldn't be the same without every single one of you and I'm incredibly grateful to have you in my life.  You people are the reason I'm trying so hard to make spirits that are worthy of celebrating with you.

And also, an extra special Thank You to all the fans and supporters of my humble little distillery.  It's directly because of your encouragement and support that I am able to continue to live my dream.  I'm thankful for the opportunity you give me to continue to hone my craft and I hope that the results continue to make it worth your while.

And no matter what anyone says, I'm thankful to be an American and live here in this great country.  While not perfect, it's got many more positives than you'd know simply by watching the news.  I'm thankful that so many people are working to make it a better place.

I'm incredibly blessed and on NO day does it go unappreciated.  I hope that you too can find many things to be thankful for in your life.  So, Cheers!  And here's to perspective and the important things in life.