The Libertine

Nick Luedde and his wife, Audra, have a phenomenal restaurant going over in Clayton.  With Josh Galliano as chef, how could it not be?  Obviously many of you are already hip to the newest hot spot in St. Louis, because I've already re-filled their whiskey barrel... twice! IMG_1544

Yes, that's right.  They have whiskey ON TAP.  My whiskey.  To be more precise: StilL 630's RallyPoint High Rye, Double Oaked Whiskey.  They use it in their excellent Tom Waits for No Man (manhattan) cocktail.  As well as some of their other delicious cocktails.  Or you can order it neat or on the rocks!

I particularly love the Grilled Mushrooms, She-Crab Soup, and Crispy Pigtails.  But the food is great.  The people are awesome.  The cocktails are delicious.  And the decor is dead on.  You should be on your way there right now.