Finally! Formerly known as the ATF, the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade & Tax Bureau (known as the 'TTB') is the arm of the Federal Government tasked with regulating the alcohol industry. And now, after 5 months of waiting, we have finally received our Federal approval of our Basic Permit application for our Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP)!! This is a very exciting and huge step forward for us. During this time, we've been slowly working on remodeling our building and getting things set up, but this has always been one of the largest and most formidable hurdles that we knew we had to face. I'd love to say that we're ready to open our doors now, but that's not the case. We still have a little more construction to finish up, but more importantly, we still have to obtain our COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) from the TTB, along with all pertinent State and City permits before we can officially begin operations as a fully licensed and legal distillery.

So, while there's still a good deal left to go, the starting line is in sight! We are striving to be up and running this year, hopefully sometime this fall if the permits come through quicker on the state and local levels... Please bear with us, we'll make it worthwhile once we get the still in operation!

We just had to share our good news, now time to have a cocktail to celebrate!