Under My Host Podcast

So I guess Cori Paige and Matt, the wonderful people at Under My Host are really hard up for guests because they deemed it wise to bring me on their podcast... and here is what followed:  UnderMyHost-StilL 630-PODCAST UnderMyHost

Honestly though, I had a great time talking with Cori and Russell Davis and Drew Fox.  Russell is a world class mixologist and "Bar Expert" on the tv show "Bar Rescue".  Drew is the owner/brewer of 18th St. Brewery in Gary, IN.  Highly talented people with whom I'm honored to be involved in their conversations.  The hour long conversation drifted all around and we touched on some interesting stuff.

I'd like to throw out another 'Thank You' to STL's own Scientist McGee (Dennis Thien) who put me in touch with Cori to begin with.

And just re-listening to it again, there are a ton of great ideas casually tossed around.  Some of which I'm going to make manifest.  So I've got that going for me... which is nice.

Rare is the conversational genius who can weave Bill Laimbeer into any conversation.

Weglarz Rules.