Unfiltered Thoughts on Orlando

I had a conversation over the weekend that I can't get off my mind.  I was talking with some people about the terrible hate-fueled tragedy in Orlando.  I said something like "This motherfucker was an evil piece of shit who deserves to die, no question."  The other person flinched at my language.  And that flinch has been gnawing at me.  How soft has our society gotten that some sounds are offensive?  This worthless human being intentionally planned and carried out the worst mass murder in our country's history.    He shot up, rather, murdered FIFTY random, innocent human beings who were out having a good time.  I lack the words weighty enough to condemn this coward.  He is the most vile form of filth.  He and his thinking are a cancer to our planet.  A cancer that must be ruthlessly eradicated.  And it is not laws that will accomplish this.  Laws do not stop evil men.  Good men, willing and capable of violence, are the only thing that can stop evil men. And yet, at the same time this terrible tragedy takes place, we live in a world with millions of great, heart-warming stories unfolding.  People living their lives, peacefully pursuing their dreams; people selflessly helping others; people striving to give their children more opportunities than they had.  Countless, unreported good stories unfolding around us all the time.  This is what we are fighting to protect.

Freedom, that is what we hold most dear and what makes this country so great.  Freedom to love whoever you want, freedom to worship whatever you choose, freedom to pursue whatever life you want, freedom to be whoever you want.  These freedoms are what was attacked.  In no way, do I intend to trivialize the deaths of these poor people.  My heart goes out to their loved ones.  Again, I lack the words to appropriately condemn this act.  But I feel it is vital that we also confront the reality of the situation.

I don't think this is gun-control issue completely.  I am 100% for gun control as long as it means reasonable background checks and waiting periods.  The reason for the 2nd Amendment was to allow the citizens to protect themselves from a government that can become tyrannical without opposition.  Human history is really just a set of examples of this fact.  Look at our current politics and the candidates. Does anyone think for a second that if these politicians could lock up their political enemies they wouldn't?  How far is it from suppressing political rivals to locking up 'radicals'?  How long until 'radical' expands into anyone who doesn't agree whole-heartedly with the platform?  When the 2nd Amendment was created, the citizens had the same advanced weapons as the military, rifles, pistols, etc.  Like everything, technology has advanced since then, and while I don't see a personal need for an AR-15, I will support any responsible citizen's right to have one.  We all know, guns don't kill people.  People kill people.

But this sonofabitch, the weapon was just a tool.  He and the evil he represents are at war with our ideas.  Ideas like 'innocent until proven guilty', equality of the sexes, freedom of opportunity, free love.  This was not just an attack against a nightclub full of people.  It is a blow against our Western way of life and against our society, which is not perfect, but it IS actively trying to improve.  You can't tell me for a second that this country hasn't improved in the last twenty years.  Or that we won't be even better twenty years from now.  We will stumble on the way, but we will get there eventually, that is the beauty of our self-correcting society.

Then the problem becomes our "innocent until proven guilty" theory.  Which I would argue is a great and wonderful thing that is infinitely better than the alternative.  It is correct and all people should be afforded that protection.  But it becomes tricky when someone is suspected of planning something terrible.  Our intelligence services are great, but they are run by humans and they are not perfect.  Like this fucker who was on the terror watch list.  Apparently interviewed by the FBI twice.  What that tells me is that he was suspicious, but the 'authorities' were unable to prove him guilty of anything.  Therefore he was 'innocent'.

I can't offer any resolution or easy solution to this travesty.  The real problem is fucked up people with radical hateful ideas.  Thank God, they are a tiny minority in this world, and especially in this country, but the presence of any of them threatens the rest of us.  This IS a difference of ideas.  This is NOT a difference in cultures or religions that should be tolerated.  This is right versus wrong.  We, and our freedoms are right.  Those who oppose these inalienable rights for every man, woman, and child are wrong.  And must be stopped.  By force if necessary.  So I will Pray for the Orlando victims.  As I pray for cancer victims.  But just like our fight against cancer, while we pray, we need to actively try everything possible to defeat the disease.  Including ruthlessly removing and eliminating the deadly mass so that it can't spread further.