UPDATE! -630 Day - 1st Bartender Announced!

We are very proud to announce the talented bartenders who will be pouring their delicious Summer Sippin' cocktails for you! First up, is the lovely and talented Christy Tiernan, and here she is to tell you about herself:

Hi, my name is Christy and I'm a Pittsburgh, Pa native.  My ultimate favorite cocktail to make is the Stripped Steeler Martini; Espresso vodka, Amaretto liqueur, coconut rum and powdered chocolate. Simply delicious! I work at Mike Shannon's a couple nights a week cheering on the Cardinals and whipping up cocktails. During the day, I work my tail off running a company which I co-own; it is a graphic design company called Flipt! We specialize in mobile websites, wedding apps and restaurant design! I'm so happy that StilL 630 is alive and prospering, what a great addition to St. Louis' downtown scene! Come by and try a Mint Julep, it's the perfect summer cocktail!

Christy's Summer Sippin' cocktail for 630 Day will be the "Missouri Mint Julep"!  A fantastic local rendition of a classic.

Christy and her fellow cocktail gurus will be pouring their Summer Sippin' cocktails THIS Sunday.  Each cocktail is only $4!!  Don't be the one person who missed out!

Stay tuned for more info...