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Very simply: FIRST FRIDAYS.

On the First Friday of every month.  ONLY on the First Friday of every month. And ONLY at the distillery.  We will release ONE new Experimental Spirit per month for the NEXT FIVE YEARS. Began: 7/7/17  Yes, this is ambitious.  Buckle up.

WHEN: First Friday of the Month.  6:30pm.  ONLY in the Tasting Room.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: The whole point of this is   for us to get feed back directly from YOU.

We want YOU to tell us what you think about these spirits so we can determine which ones are merely good and which are great.  We have a very short survey on our Facebook page.  (Seriously, it’s roughly four questions: did you like it?  Rate the nose 1-5?  Rate the taste 1-5?  Should we make more of it?)  Please answer it.  The idea is the survey is painless and you’ll do it every month with each new bottle.  Let me be crystal clear:  YOUR ANSWERS WILL DIRECTLY INFLUENCE THE FUTURE OF CRAFT SPIRITS.

Get with the program.